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From talent management to HR compliance, CBR’s HR Outsourcing services can help you reduce costs, boost results, and free up time to focus on the core, profit-producing activities that move your organization forward.

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CBR’s complete HR Outsourcing Services reduces costs and frees up time for business owners, and managers in every industry across the U.S.

Leverage our Buying Power

By partnering with CBR to handle your payroll and human resources management, you can leverage the streamlined efficiencies and the buying power of our large organization, creating significant savings in both time and costs.

Customized HR Services

CBR can develop customized HR outsourcing services for you based on the specific needs of your business, allowing you the freedom to focus on growing your business every day.

Where our Human Resources Services Start

The Human Resources function starts with the application for employment and continues through all the paperwork requirements including employee termination and exit interview. The PEO company concept allows us to manage these tasks with minimal disruption to you and your management team. You can be as hands on as you want to be, while our trained staff handles all of your HR management and compliance with relevant employment law under your direction.

Payroll Services

How would you like to remove the dreaded “Payroll” task from your long list of non-profit producing tasks? Consider outsourcing your payroll processing with CBR. We will assign a personal payroll expert to handle your complete payroll process

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Employee Benefits

We understand that offering full corporate-style benefits is often key to attracting and retaining top talent. By leveraging CBR’s large group health insurance buying power, our clients enjoy stable benefit costs year-overyear.

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Workers’ Compensation

CBR stabilizes and reduces your workers’ compensation outlays by providing safety/risk training, aggressive claims management, ongoing OSHA compliance services, and annual risk reviews. CBR works with client companies to direct injured workers to industrial medicine providers to significantly reduce the cost of claims.

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