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Immigration Law Compliance Services

Staying compliant with state and federal immigration law can be very confusing. CBR takes the guesswork out, ensuring you are following all of the rules for immigration law compliance, and recommending best practices in hiring and documentation file maintenance.

Companies must maintain compliance with all employer/employee statutes and regulations including ADA, HIPAA, EEOC, OSHA, COBRA, DES, and ERISA. CBR will inform you of all current developments and make recommendations on compliance when appropriate. This includes adherence to hiring compliance and E-Verify administration. Although you are responsible for the employees you hire, CBR will make sure that all of the immigration compliance paperwork is completed correctly within the correct time frames.

These immigration compliance services are provided within the PEO relationship and include:


  • I-9 Compliance and Audits

  • Management of E-Verify program for Arizona companies

  • Updates on changes in immigration rules for employers

  • Training on correct hiring practices

  • Recruiting Assistance

  • Employee Files

Don’t let a technicality hurt the business you’ve worked so hard to build. CBR is here to help!

Your Employee Benefits and HR Duties: Before and After

With comprehensive employee benefits services from CBR, your business can eliminate the need to manage multiple vendor relationships. By outsourcing virtually all of your HR duties to CBR, you will save time, reduce costs, and improve focus, while still retaining control over your workforce.

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