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Time and Attendance Solutions

Online Access

CBR offers great solutions for submitting payroll, running custom reports in real time, and tracking employee information. Online access ensures that your payroll information gets uploaded directly into the CBR system and gives you hands-on control of your employee data. Employees can log in to view their personal information that they submitted during the onboarding to make sure it stays current at all times. No software to install.

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CBR WebClock/Time and Attendance Tracking

CBR’s WebClock/Time and Attendance system provides an integrated solution with management of all punches through a secure internet connection. This software has saved CBR clients hours of time and thousands of dollars. Biometric readers, geo tracking, swipe card and online clocks are all available, with integration of multiple clocks on one account, making tracking simple. No software to install.
For Example: The average payroll clerk spends 7 minutes per time card preparing, computing and verifying data. What if you could have time automatically transmitted and eliminate time cards? Figuring inaccuracy at only 5 minutes a day is $15/month of additional wage, or $180/year for an $8/hour employee. For a company with 20 employees, that’s a $3,600 savings, not including employer taxes.

Flexible, Reliable and Easy to use

  • Easily expand or scale back functionality to address the unique needs of each administrator, manager and employee

  • Configurable labels and workflow simplify usage and increase system acceptance

  • Process pay rules for virtually any work environment with ease

Create a Fair and Unbiased Work Environment

  • Multiple formats allow managers to view historical data necessary to spotlight attendance patterns and future scheduled time off to ensure staffing requirements are met

  • An automated time off request tool sends notifications to managers for approval and can display warnings such as a potential negative balance

  • Flexibility in workflow, including override capabilities, simplifies requesting and approving of Time Off

Various Data Capturing Alternatives

  • Alternative timesheet formats

  • Traditional swipe/keypads (barcode, magnetic, proximity)

  • Personal handheld devices

  • Biometric (hand recognition, fingerprint)

Spend Less Time Approving Timesheets

  • Company holidays and other pre-approved Time Off options are automatically populated within the appropriate timesheets, simplifying the review, edit and approval of time

  • Easily identify exceptions to schedules, overtime hours, missing punches and more

  • Drill down capabilities allow direct access to an individual’s timesheet for quick edits

  • System notifications and warnings support better decision-making and reduce errors

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Reduce the risk of overpaying your employees and begin reaping the benefits of a more efficient workforce — contact CBR for a demo of our time-tracking system!

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