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Workers’ Compensation & Risk Management Solutions

CBR stabilizes and reduces your workers’ compensation outlays by providing safety/risk training, aggressive claims management, ongoing OSHA compliance services, and annual risk reviews. CBR works with client companies to direct injured workers to industrial medicine providers to significantly reduce the cost of claims. Your workers’ compensation coverage begins with only a small setup fee. To begin lowering costs immediately CBR provides:

  • A private workers’ compensation program through a nationwide A-rated carrier with competitive rates (for those who qualify)

  • A pay-as-you-go program, eliminating up front deposits and year-end audits

  • Ongoing evaluation of your experience modifier (emod) for accuracy

  • Calculation of minimum emod and a client-specific plan to achieve and maintain it

  • Customized analysis of losses/premiums for safety focus issues and assistance with implementation of loss control programs

  • Onsite loss-control services and trainining customized for each client

  • Emphasis on pre-injury avoidance utilizing job analysis systems

  • An OSHA-approved safety manual and management safety handbook

  • Tailgate safety training topics

  • An industrial injury medical provider network of physicians, clinics, and hospitalsChristmas and Vaction Clubs

  • An Injury Counselor to actively manage claims and assist injured employees

  • State-of-the-art reporting software that tracks all claims, dates, doctors, etc., and aggressive weekly reviews to ensure that claims are closed quickly

  • Modified Duty / Early Return to Work programs where appropriate

  • Reporting for annual OSHA compliance

  • Full management of waivers of subrogation and other policy endorsements

  • Electronic processing of certificates of insurance for quick turn around

Workers’ Compensation & Risk Management Solutions


Have you found that most carriers are pretty much the same when quoting your workers’ compensation policy? Although discounts can vary, it’s our experience that real savings comes when claims are expertly managed, and safety plans are implemented to prevent them in the first place.

CBR partners with workers’ comp carriers that provide quality programs at affordable costs. In addition, we offer in-house claim services that enable us to work hand-in-hand with the carrier’s claim administrators to contain the costs of claims and ensure that injured workers receive appropriate treatment. CBR’s clients routinely enjoy declining loss ratios, EMODs, and premium costs.

From the beginning, CBR has focused on quality workers’ comp programs, worker safety, and aggressive claim management for our clients. That’s why risk-sensitive clients choose to partner with our team for safety and risk management.

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Full service policy management of policies

Full service policy management of policies

1. Changes, endorsements, constant review for accuracy
2. Verification of EMOD accuracy
3. Class code verifications
4. Audits
5. Prompt certificates of insurance

Loss control services

Loss control services

1. Written policies/procedures, customizable to your operations
2. Complimentary on-site risk analysis
3. Assistance in implementing and maintaining comprehensive safety programs
4. Assistance with OSHA inspections
5. Critical incident investigations, as needed

Comprehensive claim management

Comprehensive claim management

1. Full-time Injury Counselor to assist injured workers and their employers
2. 4-point contact with injured worker, worker’s supervisor, physician, and carrier’s claim administrator
3. CBR Injury Hotline
4. Submission of all required reports of injury to carriers and Industrial Commission
5. Thorough claim tracking
6. Oversight of RTW programs
7. Quick claim closure
8. Accurate tracking of loss data

Additional Available Resources

  • Injury Hotline

  • Drug-free workplace programs

  • Customizable Safety Manuals

  • Emergency workplace planning and procedures

  • Prompt issuance of workers’ compensation certificates

  • OSHA compliance programs and inspections to maintain OSHA guidelines

As employers in all industries strive to minimize workers’ comp expenses and comply with laws governing workplace safety, consulting an expert like the team at Creative Business Resources can improve results and prevent accidents from happening in the first place. CBR offers an array of services designed to help businesses keep their employees safe and their workers’ comp costs low. For example, we provide employee safety training and can assist your organization with developing specific protocols to follow in the event of an injury. We also partner with workers’ comp insurance carriers that offer quality plans at affordable rates. Additionally, we provide aggressive in-house claim management and work closely with carriers to ensure that the costs of claims are contained, injured workers receive the care they need, and return-to-work programs are implemented as soon as possible. As a result, CBR’s clients enjoy lower workers’ comp premiums and declining experience modification rates (EMODs).

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